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Kampnik is an app built for campers by campers. It is designed to help you find a great campground with the minimal amount of effort. The simple and clean design puts the information you want most front and center. Kampnik is built on the venerable USCAmpgrounds.info database of more than 13,000 campgrounds in the United States and Canada with a focus on public car-accessible campgrounds whose existence and location has been verified by a human. With Kampnik, you can find public campgrounds in National Parks, National Forests, Provincial Parks, State Parks, City and County Parks, and more on federal, state, provincial, and local lands. From beaches to mountains and rivers to deserts, Kampnik will help you find campgrounds for the places you want to go.

You can find campgrounds by browsing a map or you can search for campgrounds by name, park, or forest name. Going to Yosemite National Park this summer? Search for “Yosemite”. What about Okanogan National Forest? Search for “Okanogan”. Also included are more than 30,000 town names for when you want to plan a trip. Are you going to pass through Eugene, Oregon any time soon? Search for “Eugene” to find campgrounds nearby.

All of this information is available to you at your fingertips to take with you wherever you may wander. The app is available for download to your phone or tablet. To learn more about the app, check out some of the features listed below or watch the demo video.


Show me the map

More than 13,000 campgrounds in the US and Canada are at your fingertips. Just move the map to discover what is available. Zoom out to cover more area.

I want details

Tap on a map marker to reveal details about the campground. Amenities, location, and phone numbers as well as the ability to find websites, reservations, weather, and directions. You can also save the campground to favorites, add it to a list, or share with a friend.

What's near me or where I'm going

Display campgrounds by distance from you or somewhere you plan to go, just tap the list or search button.

What's over there

Search for a campground by name, park, or forest. You can also search for a town name to see what is nearby.

I make lists

Bucket lists, TODO lists, road trip lists - whatever you want to call them.

I like this stuff

Save your favorite campgrounds. If you want to, share your favs with your friends.


Thomas H.
Kampnik Very easy to use. Includes ALL car/RV accessible public campgrounds. Covers all of the US and Canada. Links up to reservation web sites and phone numbers. ...
Source: Google Play Store
Doug K.
Great app We love finding new places to camp as we discover America super easy-to-use and love the links to the campgrounds makes trip planning super easy.
Source: Google Play Store
Amy C.
Great App Great app for finding camping spots that are not private campgrounds.
Source: Google Play Store
Stephan W.
Awesome app Has served us well on our road trip and even works great on airplane mode.
Source: Google Play Store
Melanie G.
Great App! Found some cool local spots and helps us plan our adventures in advance!
Source: Google Play Store
Cathy D.
We've found some fantastic camping with this app. The links to web sites and phone numbers are very helpful.
Source: Google Play Store
Campground Data
  • Includes: US National Park, Canadian National Park, National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Corps of Engineers, Tennessee Valley Auth., State Park, Canadian Provincial Park, State Rec. Area, State Preserve, State Beach, State Forest, State Fish and Wildlife, Military, County/City/Regional Park, Authority, Utility, Native American Reservation.
  • Distances are airplane distance calculations and not turn-by-turn.
  • Amenities not listed does not imply that amenity is not available.
  • Season schedules change frequently, check with campground to be sure.
  • Some RV lengths are included in amenities, but check with campground to ensure accuracy.
  • For more information about the campground data or camping in general, visit USCAmpgrounds.info.

Kampnik is a joint project of Keezo and USCAmpgrounds.info. We joined forces with Tom Hillegass, who runs and maintains the website, to bring all of their campground information to you in this app. That venerable database of campgrounds was painstakingly collected and verified for years. Visit USCAmpgrounds.info to find out more about the campground data and to search for campgrounds on the web. Tom also maintains popular Swimming Hole and Public Gardens websites, so visit those sites as well.

  • Android compatible device with Google Play and Google Play Services. Android 4.0 or higher.
  • iOS 8.0 or higher.


Music by Josh Woodward